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Know more about Skoda’s luxury vehicles

Know more about Skoda’s luxury vehicles

Skoda was founded in 1895 with their headquarters at the Czech Republic. Only by 1991 did Skoda become a subsidiary of the German auto giant Volkswagen. 2010 was a renaissance the world of Skoda. This change was in terms of service, management, products and customer satisfaction. The annual sales for 2018’s fiscal year for Skoda was around 1.5 million cars, which doubled in numbers in a span of eight years. What’s more, there isn’t any ideal time to get on the road with luxury Skoda cars in the country and they are perfect for weather around the year. The style and class of the car suits both a city and a highway ride.

One of the most popular luxury cars from the stable of Skoda is the Skoda Superb 2017, which has a great stylish design and an amazing performance. The sleek look of the Skoda luxury cars, the power they offer, and the feel of comfort that they offer are on another level entirely and are also the unique selling points of Skoda luxury cars. Listed below are some of the reasons why one should go in for luxury cars from Skoda:

  • Style
    Skoda cars have an impressive, gorgeous design.
  • Interiors
    Interiors are impressive inside and appealing. The leg room, rider room, dashboard, elbow room, head space all are features that eliminate all the other luxury cars competing at the same price. Octavia offers all the best interior features with modern technology and great functionality. They are the most powerful and dynamic among the other competing luxury cars in the country. This car is the taste for every other luxury looking customer.
  • Combo offers
    Skoda delivers ultimate features which shines on technology, interiors, exteriors, design, engine, working etc. They are smart, accessible and completely available for infotainment. They are much efficient and give a great ride even at higher speeds.

This year, Skoda cars were given the preference of the best luxury cars among the reader’s choice. There are around 378 models working under eleven categories where readers chose Skoda Octavia and Skoda Karoq as the best luxury car among them holding a prestigious award to the German factory. They have done 419,000 deliveries in 2017 worldwide and Skoda Octavia still continues to be everyone’s favorite. There were around 60,000 units registered in the German franchise. The Octavia was revised during 2017 and in the 2018 February version they have more dynamic, better front and rear view, excellent functionality and technology that set a benchmark for many other luxury cars to compete with. They are worth every penny you pay because they only set to impress you daily. The Karoq has been known for the crystalline design elements, boost capacity, design language etc. They have been sold over 12000 orders in 2017 and already got more subscribers for the same.

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