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Why get a certified pre-owned luxury car

Why get a certified pre-owned luxury car

Are you the sort of person who checks out every beautiful car that drives past you? Do you envision yourself tooling around in a luxury vehicle, rather than the good old compact sedan you usually drive? Or maybe it is about more than just wanting the feel of luxury.Not matter what you dream, you know there is no way you can afford a new model luxury car because of high costs that it incurs, however great the financing options might be available. Well, it is time to turn to the certified pre-owned dealers, of course! Be it a BMW, an Audi, a Mercedes, a Lexus or any other manufacturer’s vehicle that one would want to own, chances are one can get certified pre-owned luxury cars from that brand.

Like any other certified pre-owned vehicle, a luxury automobile too has to go through the multi-point inspection and meet mileage and year of manufacture/age requirements in order to qualify for and receive the tag of being a ‘certified pre-owned’ vehicle. And this label can only be conferred by either the manufacturer itself, or else by an equivalent certifying authority. So, this means that in order to get an authentic certified pre-owned luxury car, you have to head to the brand’s dealership. BMW dealers can only sell BMWs under the certified pre-owned tag, Lexus dealers can only sell Lexus cars, and so on. And you will of course be paying more for the privilege – not just because it’s a luxury vehicle, but because it is a certified pre-owned one.

Rather than buying a high end car from a private seller, why should you opt for going through the brand’s designated dealer? Well, because you get a lot with the tag of certified pre-owned. For one, the car has the manufacturer’s stamp of approval that it is in the very best possible condition, as close to factory specs even though the odometer might have miles on it. Secondly, the car has had any repairs deemed necessary, as well as old and worn out parts replaced. And third, the certified pre-owned luxury car you are buying will come with extended limited warranty, which means you get some peace of mind. After all, if the vehicle has gone through a 150-200 point check, this means it has been rather well investigated!

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