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Some great reasons to buy the power-packed Dodge Challenger

Some great reasons to buy the power-packed Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is a masculine car that gives you oodles of energy when you step on the pedal. This is an SUV that looks good, feels good to drive, and provides ample space in the interiors. If you love the brand and would love yourself some Dodge power, you can think about leasing an SUV using Dodge lease special offers. The company is giving out some really nice discounts and offers to its lease customers.

Coming back to the 2018 Dodge Challenger, following are the specifications that you need to know and will help you make a purchasing/leasing decision.

  • Engine specifications
    The base engine of this SUV is 305-horsepower V6, which is very powerful and provides an impressively quick acceleration. This engine is followed by more powerful V8s that make driving a Challenger an adrenaline-filled experience. The V8 goes from 375 horsepower to a whopping 840 horsepower in the supercharged Hemi.
  • Mileage specifications
    These powerful engines give out an average mileage, which does not go down well with the critics. Challenger manages to give a fuel economy of 19 in the city limits and a good 30 mpg on the highways. If you will ask the experts, they will tell you this kind of a fuel economy is not good for an SUV with such powerful engines. It’s a small price to pay for huge engine power.
  • Interior specifications
    Almost all of the Challenger models have a sitting arrangement for five people. The rows of seats both in the front and back are spacious and adults of all sizes can fit within this SUV comfortably. The interiors of the Challenger are plain as compared to other cars in the league but it is definitely spacious and comfortable. The cargo space is huge and the infotainment is classy with standard options like a touchscreen, Bluetooth, USB ports and Apple CarPlay.

Challenger is a great SUV when it comes to power but most SUV experts do not like it for its rawness and a less than impressive road grip. This SUV comes in two terrain drives—all-wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Both the options are good if you do not compare it with other SUVs that offer better road grip and handling.

Buy a Challenger for its engine power and if you love some serious offroading. The 2018 model is loaded with more amenities and offers better engine performance than its predecessors. If buying is not on your mind, you may think about leasing this SUV using some of the great Dodge lease special offers. Dodge has introduced some great prices and Dodge lease special offers to help its fans own a Dodge and enjoy its 840-horsepower engines.

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