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Things to check before buying a Jeep that is on sale

Things to check before buying a Jeep that is on sale

The jeep wrangler is one of the most off-road capable jeeps that a normal person could afford. Cherokees are one among the fan favorite, but Wrangler always has a legendary reputation. Buying a Jeep is a lot more different from buying other used model cars. Jeeps are like a whole different animal because most of them have been used for off-roading. So, what do you need to know before you buy a jeep?

With all that in mind, here are the things that you need to watch out before buying a jeep.

Rust: Rust is one of the most issues in these vehicles. The undercarriage/frame must be checked on a used jeep. If the frame is rusting through, to use it for a more common term then don’t buy it. It is better to hit the frame or rub it with a rubber mallet to see if there are any chunks of rust flakes loose from inside the frame. Also, make sure to crawl underneath the vehicle and inspect and look for any scratches, scrapes, and dents as well as notice the signs of fresh paints and replaced parts. If you do see lots of rust on the jeep, then it’s better to look for a different one.

Tires: Generally, people will often overlook tires when buying used cars. And it is even more important for you to check on a jeep. If the front tire is more worn-down than the back tires, please do avoid buying the jeep. It means, that the front tire has been bearing the weight of the engine throughout its life. If the tire treads are wearing unevenly, the jeep could have an alignment problem.

Leak: Just like other cars, checking for leaks should be a priority. Most commonly, the leaks that you will notice are engine oil and engine coolant. So be sure to thoroughly check for both. Ensure to check all the hoses for any cracks, and see if you can see anything leaking out of the seals and once again make sure to check under the vehicle. Your jeep is considered to be properly maintained if it is ready to hit the road without any leakage.

Modifications: One of the beauties of owning a jeep is the availability of market parts to customize it for your own style. It is important to know the list of modifications that were done by the owner or a mechanic. One of the most common modifications that can be made is on the suspension. Make sure to check if some aspects of suspension are newer than others. Because any improper modification on a jeep could result in a rough ride and shorter span of the vehicle.

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