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Points to remember while buying a used electric car

Points to remember while buying a used electric car

People do not prefer electric cars as they are quite expensive, especially when they are thinking about buying a new one. However, if the buyer wants to purchase an eco-friendly vehicle, then they can look at used electric cars that are available for sale. Used electric vehicles (EVs) are quite inexpensive as they lose value more quickly with the second or third owner.

The first car to run entirely on electricity was created in the 1830s. However, it is only with the recent advancement in battery and charging technology that these cars have become a popular alternative to gasoline vehicles.

Electric cars are practical, easy to drive, inexpensive, and come with the latest technology. While they may seem like an expensive choice, buyers usually end up saving a lot of money because of rebates and tax incentives. Moreover, electric cars are an environment-friendly choice as it does not emit any tailpipe pollutants.

Electric cars do not have an internal combustion engine. They provide a quieter and smoother ride with fewer vibrations as compared to the other vehicles. Though electric cars are smaller in size, their battery’s extra weight makes sure that they are well-grounded.

While looking at used cars, people generally hope for vehicles that are inexpensive to purchase and maintain. If one has the place for a charging station, then buying a used electric vehicle is their best bet. Another advantage of buying a used electric car on sale is that EVs have fewer parts than the conventional cars and this reduces the chances of a breakdown. Hence, they stay in good condition and need minimum maintenance. The tires, suspension, and brakes do not wear out quickly as well.

Most electric vehicles lose value faster than conventional, gasoline-based cars. A new Fiat 500e has an average price of $32,392. However, a three-year-old model will cost $8669 approximately. Gasoline-based used vehicles that have a price tag of less than $10,000 are usually older. Thus, buyers of a used electric car are sure to get a great deal.

There are many reasons why the value of an EV crashes. The state and federal governments, as well as manufacturers, give several incentives that effectively lower the price. If the car goes through any repairs or improvements, its value drops further.

All these factors are advantageous for a used electric car buyer, but not for someone who is selling such a vehicle. On an average, a used EV’s cost reduces by almost 43% to 72%.

However, electric cars need a long time to recharge which is why they aren’t ideal for long drives. While looking at used electric cars available for sale, you should try to find out how much time is required to charge the battery. Keep in mind that using a DC charger excessively can affect the car’s battery life. With this knowledge, you can decide if a used EV is a good choice for you.

Another aspect that can push buyers away from EVs is that driving in extreme weather conditions may lead to the battery draining faster. Liquid cooling usually preserves the car’s battery life. However, not all electric vehicles have this feature.

So, one should keep all of these points in mind while looking at used electric cars for sale.

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